Ubisofts The Division Released Today

I love me some military style shooters. I love me some global apocalypse. Who doesn't? So why am I reticent to jump into Ubisofts The Division?

I was invited to the play beta, take it for a little test drive, see what it is capable of. I came away with a few points of interest regarding the game.

    The Hits

  • The game is gorgeous. So much detail, and ruin. It is a city left to die.
  • The mechanics are solid. The game felt the way it should. Tight controls.
  • Loot. Lots and lots of loot. I like loot.
  • Fun to just engage in someone else's firefight - "Don't mind me! Just lending a hand!"

Of course, not everything came up rosy during my trip to the desolated Big Apple.

    The Misses

  • The streets felt empty, abandoned. Could be that was intentioanal, but for a multi-player experience I felt lonely.
  • I felt too safe. This city was supposed to be overrun with terrorists, why could I run around with my gun out and not attract attention (even in the Dark Zone I felt this way... to a point)
  • The Dark Zone itself. I realize they need to create a PVP arena and sheild the PVE people from it. But to make the best loot ONLY available in that area causes a bit of consternation.

I guess my fear of getting this game is that I will like it, but I will be "forced" to enter the Dark Zone, a place of high anxiety and nasty ganking gamers. The NG's (nasty gankers), at least the ones that preyed on me, would follow me discreetly and wait for me to summon an extraction, mow me down, tea bag me, steal my loot and wait for me to respawn. Heck, ain't life fun. I don't want to have to go there just to get the good stuff and put up with the turds of life.

I guess time will tell. Either I have the moral fortitude to not jump in, or I will be weak, buy it and just deal with the dingleberries The Division will serve me.

Would love your thoughts, I need a good reason to jump in.

BY TIMOTHY STRUM - freelance games writer, humourist, and gamer -
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