How Do You Choose a Console

My curiosity is getting the best of this morning. And I need to know. How do YOU choose one console over another. I am sure there are fan boys (girls too!) that don't care about anything other than the name on the front of the box.

Here is my thought process. And I will mull this over for months! It seems, for me, that there is no clear winner, each has it's own benefits and deficits.

The Controllers

I look for a couple of things in controllers. How does it feel in my hands. Are the buttons easily accessible, do they have a good tactile experience. I don't want squishy, or too loud. Durability is a must. I might not be to test a hurling toss across the room but it must at least feel like it could survive.

The Games

The games are very hard to weigh across the consoles. I typically look at each consoles forecasted games lineup and the exclusives each offers. The challenge is when one buys the rights to a game and usurps the other. There is even backwards compatibility to consider. Did you own a previous gen console? Will your old games work on the new? This last gen both companies said no to backwards compatibility. I think that was a mistake, it takes away a reason to stick to the same family as there would be no benefit. But now they are starting roll this out and it is fun to see my old games show up!

The Reliability

Who wants to own a console that you is going to fail. We all remember the Red Rings of Death. Happened to me 3 three times. Makes you wonder about the next gen, are going to be more careful? Work on quality control? Test a little longer? Or do you change alliances and pray it isn't there turn to serve catastrophe. It's a crap shoot.

The Friends

This is probably my biggest factor. Where will I find my friends? I will definitely weigh this as the most defining. I hate making new friends, I like my old ones, they already tolerate me.

What makes you choose? Or are you part of the Master PC race? Help me understand so I can make better decisions next generation.

BY TIMOTHY STRUM - freelance games writer, humourist, and gamer -
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