Microsoft Cancels Fable Legends

Talking up your game, making it sound as grand and glorious as possible can be daunting and difficult to remove your dreams from the reality. That may be why I fell in love with Fable.

When Peter Molyneux first spoke of Fable (Project Ego) his dreams and desires were intertwined with truth. An ever changing environment, a character that changes based on how you play not what you pick from a skill tree, a living breathing world. Needless to say I had high hopes. When the game was released in 2005, it was mine, I needed to play it, live it.

It didn’t take long to forget the promises of a much more robust experience and simply love the experience delivered. I loved it. I put many hours into Albion. I quickly jumped into Fable 2 in 2008 and then Fable 3 shortly after, hoping this would continue to grow into the promised Project Ego, and with Fable Legends on the horizon, I knew I could continue to walk in Albion…

But alas, some evil can be too big to conquer. Albion has fallen. Our heroes will live on only in our stories. Microsoft has chosen to cancel Fable Legends. Will we ever know the reason? Perhaps not. I am saddened that it leads to the potential closure of Lionshead Studio. They put together some great games and wish them the best luck in continuing their passion and hoping I will play in their worlds again someday.

BY TIMOTHY STRUM - freelance games writer, humourist, and gamer -
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