Marvel vs. DC: Whose Camp Are You In?

I'm just a boy, standing in front the internet, asking it to love him, because I am about to talk about a very sensitive subject. Super heroes.

I am really glad I am living right now. It is a marvelous time filled all sorts of really strong, incredibly powered heroes… and Batman.

I will take a stand. I fall squarely in the Marvel camp. I love everything they have been doing since Iron Man. Their casting is spot on, the writing is quick and witty. Sometimes the stories get a little convoluted and bloated, but have even read a comic? Those things are confusing, and bloated. One of the greatest things they have accomplished is the continuity between their stories even crossing over to the tv shows! Come on, when Winter Soldier came out and it DIRECTLY affected Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. don’t tell me you weren’t excited! And now with the Civil War almost upon us I am just giddy like a school girl.

There are some points where I was reticent, I mean Ant-Man… seriously… but I confess, I liked it. It worked. I cannot wait until they cross-over with Guardians of the Galaxy, EPIC!

DC on the other hand. Who doesn’t love Batman. He seems to be their go to guy. When in doubt, reboot it. Not to drag down the bat, I loved Keaton and Bale. Both brought their specialness to the role. And the Dark Knight series, great stories, great Joker!

And then there is Superman. Christopher Reeves did a decent job back in the day, Brandon Routhe did okay (horrible script). Man of Steel, meh, had some interesting parts. I am really not a fan of Superman, he doesn’t seem to have any humanity. No flaws.

And then there is the DC continuity. Or lack there of. I love the Arrow and Flash, two of my favorite shows; I think both are great versions of their respective characters, so why, on this green earth one, aren’t they going to be in Justice League? Why not connect their existing stories into the greater story? It turns my stomach. They have no love for their own properties.

Suicide Squad. I think I may “squee” a little over that one. It may have more to do with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, but that is just great casting, right? The vibe from the trailers is magnificent. But again, where does this tie into the greater story? Joker has already existed – I understand Heath Ledger can’t play the role, I’ll give them that one. Deadshot, Will Smith? We already had a Deadshot, ON ARROW. I thought he did a great job.

And now, in a couple of days Batman v Superman and more longer title will open in theaters nationwide. I am very skeptical. Not a fan of Man of Steel, not really a fan of Afflek (do I need to remind you his Daredevil movie?). I have read some early screening tweets, but that doesn’t sell me. I will not see it in the theater. I will probably rent it, and then make my judgment. I just haven’t had faith in DC. I don’t like how they manage their properties. Treat your characters like you love them, and you want the best for them.

Maybe that’s why I like Marvel, because I am a father and want my children to be portrayed in the best light. I just wish DC cared as much for it's children as Marvel does for theirs.

Let me know whose camp you are in, you have to pick. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

BY TIMOTHY STRUM - freelance games writer, humourist, and gamer -
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