It's a Dietary Concern

Gluten free, dairy free, kale, vegetarian, pesco-triglyceride-beer-atarian. We all have certain peculiarities when it comes to what we stick in our mouth. Zombies are no difference. They just need their high protein meals.

That is what makes zombies such the ideal enemy. You can relate to them, we all feel like that in the morning. They look like us without makeup on. And they really want to snack.

I think that is what keeps bringing me back to playing Black Ops 3 Zombies. I will admit, the first time I tried playing a zombies mode I had no idea what I was doing. It was insanely hard. Zombies are supposed t obe easy to kill, it's their numbers and singular purpose that make them dangerous. I gave up, getting only to round 3 or so. Not very impressive and not very fun.

Flash forward a few years, I am in charge of setting up a gamification program for a social media health site. I order books, games, charts and an xbox one with some games (research, seriously). I take over a back room, bring in a couch, a fairly large TV a large table, whiteboards. It was great, we had a true gamification department.

And then one of co-workers noticed we had Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 3. This guy loves the zombie mode. I thought, really? He proceeded to describe how the game was meant to be played. That's when the lightbulb went on. I got it. We had strategy, we had plans, we had charts, we ate it up! Soon we were advancing to higher rounds, actually trying to solve the easter egg puzzles (some of those are HARD).

This moment was a big change in my thinking about games. And why games are so different and why there can be such disparity in peoples judgements. It's not actually about the games, it's about their approach to the game. I realized I was playing zombies theway I wanted to play, that isn't the gmes fault. My expectations and previous experience drove me to the conclusion it was a bad game. Once I was down the right path, my eyes opened and behold, it became a different game, a game I thouroughly enjoy!

Zombies are a good metaphor for this, like gamers, they too singular in their appetites to appreciate any variation. So branch out my fellow zombies! Try a spleen! Maybe try some toes!

Hit me up if you want to hunt some zombies, I'm not afraid anymore!

BY TIMOTHY STRUM - freelance games writer, humourist, and gamer -
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