Are the games on Teras Games safe to use?

Yes, TerasGames is safe to use and was built with security and privacy as a primary concern. For more details please visit Privacy

Is Teras Games free?

Yes, TerasGames is entirely free to install and use. Installing TerasGames configures your new tab and/or default search and home page to TerasGames to provide access to our growing library of free online games. You may see in-app advertisements when playing some of the online games, which helps to support the developers of the games. These features help to support our developers and keep TerasGames free for you to play and enjoy.

What exactly gets installed on my computer?

All of the files for Teras Games are installed in the standard program files location. Included in those files is an uninstaller that also appears in your computer's 'Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs' section or via Chrome Extensions. There are also a few registry settings added to your Windows Registry that are required for the normal operation of the app.

If I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall?

Yes, we strive to make our uninstall process simple and easy. If you no longer wish to have TerasGames installed, you can easily uninstall by following the simple step by step instructions below:

Chrome: Settings → Extensions → Find the extension you wish to uninstall → Uncheck “Enabled” box or click Trash icon to delete the extension → Close your browser complete and reopen it.

FireFox: Click on three horizontal lines located at the top right of your browser → Click Add-ons → Select Extensions tab → Find the extension you wish to uninstall → Click “Remove” button → Close and restart your Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer: Settings → Manage add-ons → Select Search Providers from the left navigation → you will need to select a new search provider to “Set as Default” → Once another search provider is set as default you can click on the search option you wish to uninstall and click “Remove” → Close and restart your Internet Explorer browser.

To Change Your Internet Explorer Home Page: Settings → Internet options → Change the home page destination to your preferred home page and click “Apply” to save your changes → Click “OK” to close the window → Close and restart your Internet Explorer browser.

For additional uninstall information, please visit or contact us at Please remember the more information you provide the better we will be able to assist you.

For additional questions, comments or support email us at

Sounds Awesome! But, I have some more questions!

We'd love to help. For questions, comments or support email us at: Please remember the more information provide the better we’ll be able to help.